Saying goodbye to my grandma

I said goodbye to my beautiful grandmother this last Saturday. She was the most loving person I have ever known. A quote from my cousin Aaron: “If I can learn to love and be loved even a fraction of how this woman loved and was loved, life will be a success.” My grandmother Phyllis was 95 years old. She had an amazing life!!

I’ve been going through pictures and letters that she saved all these years that I wrote to her. And I’m so grateful she did. So many memories!! She did this for all my family members. She wrote our names on the envelopes. My children will be getting these memories now. My grandmother was amazing! I will miss her tremendously.

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Physical therapy

I had shoulder surgery back in April. I tore my rotator cuff. Not really sure how I did it but I’m so glad I got the surgery done. I dealt with the pain for so many years. At first I was getting cortisone shots every 4 months. But after awhile it stopped working. And I was also taking Norcos. Not a good thing to be taking all the time.

I started doing physical therapy shortly after my surgery. It was hard the first couple of times but got easier the more I did it. Today was graduation day! My last day doing physical therapy. My shoulder is so much better. I no longer have pain. I’m able to carry groceries, pick up my granddaughter and sleep on my right side with no pain. I feel amazing! I am so grateful for Spine and Sport. I couldn’t have done it without them.

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My mom and I went to the salon yesterday to get touch ups on our eyebrows. It’s been three years since we got it done. I have to say I’m glad I have my eyebrows done. Especially since mine are so thin. I don’t ever have to worry about doing them everyday. I do have to tell you that the procedure is a little painful even though they put numbing cream on. But not as painful as when you get permanent eyeliner!! Yeah, I decided to get them done too. What the hell was I thinking?! It hurt so bad. Worse than my tattoo on my upper back. And I have high tolerance for pain.. I’ve been putting ice on it. It’s still pretty swollen though.

Sunken eyes

Now that I’m fifty one years old my body is definitely not the same. I have cottage cheese thighs. I have uneven skin tone on my face. I have puffy and sunken under eyes. It bothers me tremendously. I feel very self conscious about them. I would love to get fillers but it’s a bit too pricey for me. I know, I should just love myself the way I am. But it’s so hard when everyone on Instagram looks so amazing.. Yes I know they don’t really look like that.. It still doesn’t change how I feel though, unfortunately. Why do some of us women feel that way? I think I’ll leave that talk for another time..

Hope you all are all enjoying your weekend with your family and friends!

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Happy Friday


Harper and I did some errands earlier today. We went to the grocery store to get some odds and ends. Then to the pharmacy to get my medicine. She loves to go places all the time. It doesn’t matter where either as long as she gets to go.

Painting her Dada

Harper is with me a couple of times a week. Mainly Thursday and Friday. Sometimes on the weekend if her parents have somewhere to go. Monday-Wednesday she’s with her other grandma. But when she’s with me I like to take her places. She loves going to the beach, zoo, aquarium, park and shopping… When we’re at home I like to do arts and crafts with her and watch her Disney movies. I have a lot of fun when we’re together. She’s always making me laugh..

Have a great weekend and thank you so much for visiting me❤️



Pretty girl❤️

My name is Virginia! But you can call me “V” if you like. I live in southern California. I’ve been here pretty much all my life. I have three beautiful daughters, one grand daughter and one fur baby. He’s the only boy I have.. I guess you can say girls run in my family. A few months before my granddaughter was born I was trying to figure out what I wanted her to call me. I just felt I was too young to be called grandma. Plus she has other grandmas too. She calls my mom Lola (great grandma). That’s what we call grandma in the Philippines. Then there was my grandma, her great great grandma. Then her father’s mom who she calls grandma. So I googled some other names for a grandmother. I saw a few that I really liked but Mimi really stood out for me. So that’s what my little Harper calls me. She’s the most amazing little human. She is smart, funny, kind, adventurous like her daddy and soooo sassy like her mother!!! I love my little Harper so much. I have changed a lot since she was born and for the better…