My sweet Milo

My love

I found out a couple of months ago that Milo has CHF, congestive heart failure. It’s been hard to say the least. He has been with me thru so much. He kept me going when I wanted to give up after my divorce.

Beach drive

After I snapped out of it, we started doing our beach drive more often. He absolutely loves it. We do our drive and go for a walk on the beach. It’s a lot of fun for him. Then we just sit and watch people go by. I try real hard to do this every weekend because he loves it so much.

I did have a scare yesterday. When I came home from work he didn’t bark at all. I didn’t know where he was. But I found him in the corner by my bed. Not at all normal for him. I knew he’s wasn’t feeling good. I rubbed his back pretty much all night. It was the only way he would fall asleep. I did give him his medication during dinner. He has a lot to take. I just mix it in his food. He has one for his heart, pain, cough and anxiety.

I’m not ready for what’s going to happen to him. It’s truly hard to think about. He’s my baby boy. But of course I will do what’s right for him. I so wish animals lived longer.

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So my last day at work was March 20th. Filed unemployment in April but I have yet to get my money. All my coworkers have already received theirs. Mine says it’s pending. I’ve been trying to call them but can’t get thru. Needless to say I’m pretty stressed out. Thank goodness for the stimulus check I can pay my bills. I am very grateful I have my kids. I live with my #1 child and granddaughter. My # 3 is also here. She lives in New York City and got the hell out of their the day before they cancelled all the flights. She’s been her since March 17th. She still works, just at home. My oldest has an essential job too so nothing changed for her except for how busy they are. She works at a tiling place and they’ve had many people at the store. I guess a lot of people are doing home renovation. She’s pretty stressed because of it. My # 2 has also been working. I’m so thankful they are all still working. I hope this ends soon. I want to get back to some kind of normalcy.

God bless

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Walking the dogs

My granddaughter has been home with me since I’ve been furloughed. We of course have been quarantined together along with my two daughters. We’ve been doing a lot of walking with our dogs to the park in our community. The other day my granddaughter got to pick up her first doggie poop. She was so proud of herself. It was the cutest thing. She was carrying that poop bag around with a smile on her face.

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Not sure what to do with myself

Relaxing at the beach

With being out of work since March, it’s been hard to figure out what to do. Yes, the first couple of weeks was kind of nice but now I’m bored. I want to do some crafting but it all cost too much money. Money that I don’t have. I’ve applied for unemployment but it has not started yet and I have no clue how much I’ll be getting. I’m also just not motivated enough. I’m not really sure why tho. I guess part of it is stress. I’m not sure when I’ll be going back to my job. This is such a weird time for all of us. I really hope things get better soon.

I hope you’re all staying healthy and safe. God bless!

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Quarantining on Easter2020

This is a picture of my family on Easter! It was a bit weird because my parents couldn’t be with us. My granddaughter cried so hard because she couldn’t give her Lola and Lolo a hug. How do you explain to a three why she can’t be with her other families? And she’s also going crazy with being in the house all the time. We play games, watch tv and do some schooling with her but she’s going crazy. We live in a small community. We have a park with a play ground. We spend a lot of time there. Most of the time no one else is there when we go. So it’s real nice. I sometimes feel like I’m in a movie.. This doesn’t happen in real life..

I hope everyone is healthy and doing well. God bless you.

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Amazing events

Family & Friends Christmas 2019

It’s been awhile. So many amazing things to tell you. Well my daughter’s house finally got built. We moved in the weekend before Christmas. It was a bit hectic because we were all working while trying to get the house ready for the holidays. We got it all done with everyone’s help. It wax absolutely perfect. The best Christmas I’ve had in years. I loved watching the kids interact with each other. They even had an arm wrestling match. Pretty hilarious. I even joined in. Of course I got beat.. But the kids had amazing time. We all got what we wanted for Christmas. My granddaughter got all kinds of toys. And of course the older kids had to try them all out to make sure they worked properly.. Pretty amazing!! Lots of laughter!

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Happy Halloween

My sweet baby girl is so excited for Halloween to get here already. Isn’t she the cutest?! She loves being a cute little kitty cat. She’s always asking her mommy to draw her whiskers on. This year will be her first time trick or treating. I’m very much looking forward to watching her experience it for the very first time.


I’m employed

Another night not able to sleep. I’ve been watching NCIS reruns.. Its the only show that I can watch over and over. Other than not being able to sleep, life has been really good lately. I started a new job a month ago. I’m a bookkeeper at a retail store. I really like it. My coworkers are nice and my boss is pretty amazing. I never would have thought I’d be good at bookkeeping. I’ve always thought I was bad at numbers. It’s one of the reasons why I would never apply for any kind of bank jobs or anything that had to do with money. But I guess I was wrong. Another check mark on my list of “Facing my fears!” But I’m so grateful for this job. It’s been a long time coming. I feel truly blessed.


Saying goodbye to my grandma

I said goodbye to my beautiful grandmother this last Saturday. She was the most loving person I have ever known. A quote from my cousin Aaron: “If I can learn to love and be loved even a fraction of how this woman loved and was loved, life will be a success.” My grandmother Phyllis was 95 years old. She had an amazing life!!

I’ve been going through pictures and letters that she saved all these years that I wrote to her. And I’m so grateful she did. So many memories!! She did this for all my family members. She wrote our names on the envelopes. My children will be getting these memories now. My grandmother was amazing! I will miss her tremendously.

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Physical therapy

I had shoulder surgery back in April. I tore my rotator cuff. Not really sure how I did it but I’m so glad I got the surgery done. I dealt with the pain for so many years. At first I was getting cortisone shots every 4 months. But after awhile it stopped working. And I was also taking Norcos. Not a good thing to be taking all the time.

I started doing physical therapy shortly after my surgery. It was hard the first couple of times but got easier the more I did it. Today was graduation day! My last day doing physical therapy. My shoulder is so much better. I no longer have pain. I’m able to carry groceries, pick up my granddaughter and sleep on my right side with no pain. I feel amazing! I am so grateful for Spine and Sport. I couldn’t have done it without them.